A Trip to Bishop’s Castle



We haven’t been on a field trip in awhile!  Today I am taking you dear readers about an hour past my town of Pueblo to Rye, Colorado where an eccentric old man has been working on this castle since he was fifteen years old.  He bought a few acres at that time and has been creating this masterpiece stone by stone.



He is, ahem, quite anti-government.  Huge boards have written upon them our rights as citizens, how the government tried to shut him down for no permit, took his gun, and how we ought to hang the Luciferians (the presidential candidates).  But only an interesting character can create something quite like this.


Jim Bishop is in the green shirt. He is still building his castle.


I am not typically afraid of heights but at the very top of the very top tower without a rail roughly a million stories up, I felt…well, adventure is what makes life so interesting.  We left the compound with shaky legs from all the steps and a spirit of awe.

Bishop’s Castle is free to the public.  http://BishopCastle.org