Make Your Own Lovely Lemon Hairspray


model 3This is a great concoction that I made from my old modeling days.  When I had a modeling agency we used it on the kids.  I still make a batch once in awhile if I really want to get gorgeous and feel the need for hot rollers.  It’s just so easy and incredibly effective.  You don’t need any of the chemicals to make it work!


Fill a small spray bottle (glass preferred) 2/3 full of vodka, and 1/3 full of lemon juice and add a few drops of lemon essential oil for shine and scent.  This keeps for years.

I recently cut eight inches off of my hair and colored it red.  Our hair reveals so much of our personality.  Maybe you are also ready for a new look?  And now you have hairspray to go with it!

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