Summer Reading and Great Films

Summer is made for days on the back porch with lemonade and a great book.  I love books that are filled with adventure without being very violent and full of espionage.  I just want beautifully crafted characters and a world I can travel to in order to allow my mind to rest from the day.


“My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry,” was the best book I have read in a good while.  Fredrik Backman is a master at perfectly honed storytelling.  His parallels and characters are imaginative and thrilling.  I loved every word of it.

book 2

If you want easy reading, “Garden Spells” by Sarah Addison Allen is a whimsical tale with a bit of romance, bit of a thriller, and lots of magical plants.  Trees that can tell the future and herbs that make dinner guests love you.  It was a fun read.

book 3

“Woman Most Wild” by Danielle Dulsky is a fascinating portrait of how women can free themselves of the ingrained notions society has given us, from patriarchal religion to forgetting our own self care.  Stepping into our true, magnificent self is the goal of this book.  This magical book is indeed a treat to study.

book 4

I am about to begin “My Mother’s Kitchen” by Peter Gethers.  I do love books about family and food!  And I have a special place in my heart for memoirs.  Where else can you enter someone else’s life for the day, eat their food, drink their drink, meet their people, see their neighborhood, their time period, their clothes, and then scurry back to your own armchair in time for supper, more educated and compassionate than before?

And for those rainy days or tired days where you want nothing more than to put your feet up and put on a good flick I have two fabulous movies for you.

movie 2

The Secret of Roan Inish is fascinating and entertaining.  I want one of those houses!  The tale is as old as time perfectly reenacted in gorgeous score and scenery.


The newest movie we adored was Florence Foster Jenkins.  Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant are amazing and the piano player made us laugh the entire film.  It is based on the true story of a rich woman with a chronic disease that longed to be an opera singer.  She was just terrible, I fear, but those around her kept her in the dark about it for many, many years.  The antics they went through to keep her performing in front of a packed house of avid fans is ingenious and hilarious.  Heart warming and funny, it is a delightful movie.

What are you reading?  Film suggestions?

12 thoughts on “Summer Reading and Great Films

  1. Hahaha….I wish I had time to read. 🙂 I have a stack I want to get to…. I guess this winter when the ranch shuts down for the most part 😉
    Happy reading!


  2. I’ve ordered ‘my grandmother’ just now! It may be here tomorrow. I really enjoyed ‘a man called Ove’. I got into the habit of using my kindle while we were away but am loving buying books again and I got it for £3.59 which is a steal here for a new book delivered tomorrow, woohoo! Will let you know what I think, still awaiting your written word! But I realise you are busy with the garden, picked my first French beans today.


    • My green beans are ready today too! I have misplaced my address book. (I am sure I put it somewhere safe..) Writing soon all the same and I look forward to hearing from you!


    • Also I think I would like to read My Mothers kitchen but at the moment it’s too expensive. I read the reviews it sounds really good, I hope you enjoy it. Let us know.


  3. Hi, let me inform you, that I just nominated you for Liebster award. I am not sure you take a part in this kind of activities, but in case…. I will read you anyway 🙂 Ivana


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