A Letter to the Nemesis of the Spring Crops

spring crops 2

Dear Flea Beetles,

Well, I can’t say I am happy to see y’all.  Is it really July already?  Goodness, where does the time go?  I know you are the cleanup crew.  One of the mean teachers in the school of hard knocks for gardeners.  But still.

Remember that time I tried to kill you all with diatomaceous earth?  You sure did get the last laugh.  Ate everything in twenty-four hours before the dust killed you and I ended up killing all the lady bugs!  Yeah.  That wasn’t funny.  You guys have a weird sense of humor.

Anyways, I guess I planted the spring crops a tad late again, didn’t I?  Oh, and every year I question why I can’t plant Brussels sprouts in the spring.  Because when they are roasting in the post hundred degree days of July they aren’t too keen on coming to fruition.

And then there you guys are.  Taking out the cruciferous as if the summer crops had hired you.  You mobsters.  That was perfectly good bok choi!

I guess Mother Nature sent you so on with your work.  Sorry about spraying you with the hose while laughing maniacally.  I harvested the rest of the cabbage and froze it.  Who is having the last laugh now?  Well, see you next year you weird little bugs!

Love, Katie

spring crops