Day Old Kittens (and a mother’s instinct)


20170718_150739He is pressed against my bosom and holds onto life with tiny claws on my skin.  My maternal instincts rush over me and I hold onto hope that he will live.


His sister, also two days old, is vigorous wanting constant droppers of formula and despite being deaf and blind, would like to traipse around the house.  I keep her in my apron pocket or in the safety of a warm kennel while I sweep the house, the little boy still pressed to me.  Overall, I am not getting much work done.  I have had chicks that were bigger than these kittens.  I know I shouldn’t name them, I am not even a hundred percent certain of their sex.  But I did.


They were found at the feed store in the basement, half froze, umbilical cords attached, cleaned, but no mama in sight.  A feral cat could be hiding or not able to get back in or gone.  I woke up every few hours to feed them last night.  To nestle them.  To breathe them to life.  Mothers are not limited by creature or love.



2 thoughts on “Day Old Kittens (and a mother’s instinct)

  1. Katie: A dropper isn’t going to be enough. You’ll need to go to the feedstore and get bottles, and formula for them. It’s special stuff and they need to get it every 3 to 4 hours. Mom and I did this years ago. We found out much later that they need to be fed through the night (we didn’t and they were fine). Just keep them warm and they will be great. Nature has a way of watching over the little ones.


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