Lughnasadh- The First Harvest Festival


20170730_135130Y’all know I love a good celebration.  Especially when it comes to celebrating this beautiful Earth’s bounty.  Lughnasadh was the original county fair.  In the old agricultural calendar it was a celebration for the community to share bread, beer, life, and the first harvests.  Today is a great time to bake a loaf of bread for your loved ones and share a good, cold glass of beer under the stars with a fire in the fire pit.  A time to get rid of the old and welcome in the new.  A time of reflection and gratitude.  This is a lovely summer holiday.


This is the time in Celtic history, many thousands of years before organized religion, that the people gave thanks to the Green Man for giving his life, becoming literally the bread of life, while the corn and wheat crops were brought in at this time.  Knowing that as the seeds dropped into the earth that the Green Man would be born again.  (This sounds vaguely familiar.)  The Catholic church, upon their arrival, altered the name to Lammas, meaning Loaf Mass, and changed it to represent the Holy Communion.


No matter what you celebrate, a first of three harvest festivals is a lovely way to add a little magic, mindfulness, and meaning to your life.  I am thankful for the bounty of these gardens in my new home two thousand feet lower than my last gardens.  I am thankful for the local farmers who actually grow all of their produce!  I am thankful for the ability to put it up for winter.  I am thankful that one of the kitties survived and is thriving.  I think I will go through all of our clothes and give away half.  We only wear the same six outfits anyway.  I am thankful for the squirrel munching on the twelve foot high sunflower near me.


I think I will pour Doug a glass of beer and offer him a homemade baguette when he gets home tonight, and I will take in the incredible gifts of family, friends, food, and happiness that I treasure so.  I am thankful for summer.