The Messengers (The Great Eagle Dance)


Do you remember when I wrote to you about the dozens of black hawks (that still don’t seem to exist according to bird books) that followed us up a hiking trail, swooped in front of our window, and circled our house en masse?  They all gathered up into a swarm and flew north in a dramatic dance.  No one else seemed to notice them.  No one looked up.  No one saw our messengers.


Last night we ventured out to take our walk when I stopped short just outside our gate and said to Doug in awe, “Look at that!”  I pointed to the sky and there were dozens of young eagles swooping and careening, floating in circles around our house.  No one else saw them.  Our neighbors didn’t even look up.  They saw Doug with his camera, would peek at the sky, then continue what they were doing.  How can you not see three dozen eagles above your head?

eagle 2

It was not until Doug invited them to see them that they suddenly could.  More messengers.

My Dears, there are messengers from the natural world everyday.  Look around you and see them in the air, note what their historic meaning and messages are, watch the animals as they tell you the weather, the trees as they greet you when you walk by, be open to the vastness that we can only, as humans, minutely understand.

Grasp the magic, my friends, everyone is invited to see the enchanted life around them.