The $29 Kitchen Redo (oh, how I love paint!)

20170804_064830When I first moved in I told y’all that I loved the color of the kitchen and didn’t even need to change it!  Well, after cooking and eating in a north facing kitchen, perhaps a lighter color would be better.  It didn’t emanate the feeling that I wanted, either.  You know, a country kitchen somewhere in New Mexico, let’s say!  I love decorating.  I have hundreds of magazine clippings of decorating ideas I have collected over the years and it was time my kitchen was a little more inviting.  In one day my kitchen went from eh to woohoo!  Twenty-nine bucks, people, this is a great way to switch up a room.  That is just the cost of paint.  I guess I didn’t add the cost of the final piece, a ristra.  Close enough!  On to the before and after!  My favorite part!

I really wanted an island for the kitchen.  But even cheaply made ones were pricey.  Doug and I looked through antique stores looking for something unique to make into an island but no luck.  As I was looking around the living room while I was searching online for a proper island I looked at my desk.  I don’t know if I have ever actually used my desks over the years.  I set it on a couple of bricks to make it higher and tada!  A free island.  A few inexpensive tiles from my favorite import store adds a little unexpected charm.

The refrigerator took up an entire wall.  Such a waste of space and by simply moving it, I opened up a charming breakfast nook.

I love that cream colored paint that I already had from another project, and some lively turquoise paint can completely transform a humble kitchen.  Using a few techniques, like repurposing other things in the house and rearranging, you can totally transform your space in one day.

Wait until you see the living room!

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