The $29 Kitchen Redo (oh, how I love paint!)

20170804_064830When I first moved in I told y’all that I loved the color of the kitchen and didn’t even need to change it!  Well, after cooking and eating in a north facing kitchen, perhaps a lighter color would be better.  It didn’t emanate the feeling that I wanted, either.  You know, a country kitchen somewhere in New Mexico, let’s say!  I love decorating.  I have hundreds of magazine clippings of decorating ideas I have collected over the years and it was time my kitchen was a little more inviting.  In one day my kitchen went from eh to woohoo!  Twenty-nine bucks, people, this is a great way to switch up a room.  That is just the cost of paint.  I guess I didn’t add the cost of the final piece, a ristra.  Close enough!  On to the before and after!  My favorite part!

I really wanted an island for the kitchen.  But even cheaply made ones were pricey.  Doug and I looked through antique stores looking for something unique to make into an island but no luck.  As I was looking around the living room while I was searching online for a proper island I looked at my desk.  I don’t know if I have ever actually used my desks over the years.  I set it on a couple of bricks to make it higher and tada!  A free island.  A few inexpensive tiles from my favorite import store adds a little unexpected charm.

The refrigerator took up an entire wall.  Such a waste of space and by simply moving it, I opened up a charming breakfast nook.

I love that cream colored paint that I already had from another project, and some lively turquoise paint can completely transform a humble kitchen.  Using a few techniques, like repurposing other things in the house and rearranging, you can totally transform your space in one day.

Wait until you see the living room!

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  1. Karen Ramirez says:

    Amazing what a can of paint can do. Looks beautiful Katie!


    1. Thanks, Auntie! You will to take a ride out and come see it!


  2. Paint is magical and cost friendly, keep it up 🙂


    1. Isn’t it the most fun of all techniques? Exhausting, but fun!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know, you have to be careful with applying the tape, using smaller brushed for corners, trim, etc, but it is so rewarding when it’s all said and done!


  3. Looks completely different, your energy is exhausting! No way could I just up and paint the kitchen without working myself up to it. It really does look woohoo! x


    1. It was sudden inspiration and if I didn’t get it done all it once, it would have been half done forever! (kind of like the hallway…) Ha!


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