The Colorful Home Makeover


living roomHome.  What you surround yourself with directly effects how you feel, how you work, how you dream.  I have a great love of decorating and an active imagination so I can see what rooms will look like with certain colors and textures and a simple rearrangement of furniture.


Before. Nice, but blocked off from the rest of the room. I had a lot of wasted entertaining space.

When I first moved in to our lovely abode in January I had the perfect vision of simplicity.  Amish style, woven round rugs, pioneer looking, open…Okay, so I take it back.  It is so BORING!  Lord, I need some color!


I wanted to create a larger seating area instead of a chopped up space.  I am teaching classes at my home at the end of the month and I want lots of room for cross talk and comfort.  The new rug is filled with bright, beautiful color that magically pulls together the mix matched furniture.  I love the faux fur rugs on the back of the futon and the bright pillows on the sofa.







A creative writing corner (that I will probably never use)

I went and saw my friend, Marco, at El Camino Imports in Old Colorado City to get a few Indian blankets and tiled tables.  I missed mine and they make my home look like my home!

Now this redo took a little more cash because we are still rebuilding after our little loss-of-everything two years ago.  I needed dining room chairs.  I bought nice folding chairs with black padded seats.  They are quite comfortable and easy to move around as needed.


We picked this dining room table up at a garage sale for ten dollars and I painted it a lively, pumpkin orange.  A few tiles from Marco give it a little vacation flair.  The drink table is a folding table hiding my art supplies and the internet modem.






Now that I live close to two hours from my shop, I work from home a lot more.  When I do come home from a long day I want a place where Doug and I can put our feet up, have a drink, relax, and be energized by the colors that remind us of vacation and fun.  This is our home.  Swing by sometime.

10 thoughts on “The Colorful Home Makeover

    • That particular orange is pretty bright. We are Denver Bronco fans, but that wasn’t really what I was going for! Once I put the tiles on and added the softer oranges all over, it worked. Orange is so happy, don’t you think?

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      • Haha! It’ll make decorating during big football games so much easier then! I ended up painting my daughter’s nursery a much brighter purple…whoops! It turned into a cheery looking kids room instead of the pale purple guest/kid room I had hoped. Oh well, right?! Sometimes we get some happy surprises during our projects! I love your eclectic home style. Reminds me of our home. Sending over lots of love for a great day!


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