Daring to Live-part 2 (time is now and becoming a yogi)

Well, you know me, ever trying to become a hermit in my little abode on the corner in the city behind high trees and corn stalks while dreaming of great adventures.  I ventured out to my first cooking class and it was indeed fun.  I talked a little, drank some wine, critiqued all the food to myself, and then drove home to the safety of my house!  I go again Friday.  This time to make homemade pasta and pair it with wine.  I think a dinner party is in the works at my new house if anyone wants to drive to Pueblo.

So, “Daring to Live”, what does that mean?  I want to be able to do as many things as possible while on my journey here on this lovely planet.  I want to get my novel published, pack up an Airstream and hit the road doing book signings and lounging by stream or ocean. I want to plant trees here and play with my granddaughter and future babies…I want to be strong enough to do all of these things for a very long time.


It makes it ever so difficult to do yoga with a cat taking up the whole mat!

I was born with a slight spinal curve.  If left unchecked it will become a hunchback.  Not really that lovely and I am sure quite painful.  I do yoga here and there because I know that it is by far the best exercise for it.  It keeps me limber and strong.  But, you know, the room will be messy so I won’t be able to do yoga.  Or I already got dressed.  Or there’s a cat on my yoga mat…


Time is now, folks.  I always think, I’ll have time.  I’ll do it tomorrow, next week, certainly next year.  There may come a time that my back arches to the point where I cannot reverse it.  I am not twenty years old.  I work really hard on the garden and I love to do so many things that require a strong back.  Now is the time.  I am becoming a Yogi!

What is one thing you want to do in your life?  Lose weight?  Get stronger?  Explore a new religion?  Drink a cappuccino in Paris?  Swim in the ocean?  Start painting?

Now today, do one thing to start.  Call Weight Watchers, pick up a yoga video, hit the library, fill out the paperwork for a passport, book a stay somewhere, buy watercolors from the kids’ back to school aisle, start walking.  One thing a day.

What will you do?