Bubba and the Girls


20170815_17085920170815_170912I might not be on a farm anymore but the chickens give this place a good homestead feel.  Yoga, Hindi, Eloise, Buttercup, Owlette, Chichi, and Bubba are loving their large fenced area with trees and their little adobe house.  Their antics are always fun to watch. They are really easy to keep.  Their food costs less than the cats’ food.  It is odd living in an area without predators.  There is no one eating my garden.  No one eating my chickens.  It’s kinda nice!

Listen, if you haven’t gotten chickens yet, this time of year is a great time because they will be laying by spring.  My goofy seven were born the beginning of March and they just started laying.  Look at that!  A dozen adorable eggs.  The freeloaders are earning their keep now.  (I’d keep them either way!)


I would like to let them out in the larger back yard but I notice all of the small holes under the fence here and there and I better get those covered.  I never worried so much in the country but chickens running down a busy city street is not good!  They would enjoy the new buffet of bugs though.  I will get working on that.  Nothing better than chickens knocking at the back door!

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