Dining During the Depression

20170907_072403I am reading a beautiful book that my penpal, Holly, sent me.  Reading through the simple recipes from a time where creativity and positivity led to survival and the simplest of foods were treasured inspires and delights me.  The stories that are interspersed through the book are lovely memories that remained despite the harrowing times.  The book has been an eye opener.


I think I might be a little spoiled.  “Let’s go out to eat,” I say.  “There is nothing here to cook!”  Reading through “Dining Through the Depression” I realize that I have every single ingredient listed in the recipes.  My pantry is full.  My root cellar is full.  My refrigerator is full.  My garden positively bursts with vegetables and fruits.  I have fresh eggs daily.  We’re like rich people over here.


Maybe I have become too creative!  Simple, nutritious, delicious foods are better for us, inexpensive, and nourishing.  I always think that I have make something more dazzling than it is.  But what is more beautiful than a pan of steamed kale?  Or fresh tomatoes and salt?  A fresh egg over medium with homemade bread?


I waste a lot of food and spend a lot on groceries.  Most of the recipes in this book I have never heard of.  Many of the casseroles are similar to the Amish cookbooks I have.  Real food to feed loved ones.  The recipes look delicious and I look forward to cooking and eating my way through this treasure trove of memory lane and sweet simplicity.  This book is a great text book on real living and gratitude.

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