True Self Emerging; Putting Down the Masks

eclipseAs Yule approaches and we look forward to the light returning, we cannot help but contemplate who we want to be in this world, what we want to release, what we want to gather.

I have been writing a book for the past year that is being given to me in pieces.  As I learn and understand, only then I am given the words to write the next section.  I am teaching a shaman course this year and as always, the students are my teachers.  As I ask the great Divine what they are to know, I end up hearing what I need to know.

For years I have wondered if I create personas.  I practically market myself.  I am a Farmgirl.  I have a blog, a book on Amazon, and a huge collection of aprons.  I am a Witch.  It has taken years to say that aloud for fear the very judgment I gave to those with that moniker would be karmically directed back to me.  I am an herbalist, and that too comes with its own marketing.  My shop, my training, my very identity can so easily become a face of what the customer/student/reader/family member wants to see.

How often do we create a face to appease another?  To make them more comfortable.  How often do we deny our truth?  Even just sometimes?  Have we become a series of faces and personas from upbringings, experiences, and perceptions, that we may have actually forgotten who we are?

As we mull over ideas and goals and dreams this time of year, may we sit in silence with our soul and remember who we are.  This year we step out as our truest, most authentic selves.