The Bird Woman (masks part 2)

20171214_152550I suppose it was the combination of the meditation oil I crafted with the deep relaxation of Savasana along with the way the teacher rubbed the oils on my neck, but I fell into a deep  trance and a vision most clear did come.  And the question was asked, “Who are you without the masks, roles, experiences, perceptions, and names?”

If I were not called an herbalist, or mom, or if I were not a wife, or a being of memories, in my very essence- who am I?  My eighth chakra, my soul, who is that?

And before me the faces and names disappeared and a very old woman appeared in robed form, all I could see of her was her smiling face, and I knew it was me.  My truest being.  Around her head were birds-hawks, eagles, ravens, owls- all the birds I see near daily and her name was Bird Woman.

“Take advantage of being here,” she whispered.