Paint the Door Purple

Message_1515001630423Everything has a frequency, high or low, depending on one’s own vibration.  Some stones will feel different in your hand.  A place or land may reverberate more to you.  A wild, bright Caribbean blue on a door will excite the mind more than a muddy grey.  All things in nature, including humans, have different frequencies.

When accessing positive energy or dispelling negative energy plants (like incense or cedar) are utilized, as are different crystals and candle colors.  The chakras and plants mimic this color coordination as well.  Purple is the color of Spirit, the pineal gland, the Divine, accessed wisdom.

When the persecution and scapegoating of the witches of Europe and the New World began, it was wise to stay undercover.  People still needed herbalists and healers, psychics and wise women.  A purple door was one of the signs that a witch lived there.

Purple is the color of protection, it’s frequency summons the universal Source for protection and wisdom.

How often do we paint the door of our life a different color so that other’s cannot see who we are?  How many faces do you wear to appease those around you?  If you were to step out of the shadows this new year would some of your friends back away slowly?  Do you fear losing your job?  Would your life look different?  So often those things keep us from showing our true light.

For years I said nothing.

Illumination hit me in a profound way that left me mourning really.  But if I mentioned that I was heading down a much more traditional path away from the 11:00 mass, would I lose family?  Friends?  Customers?  Blog and book readers?  Would I embarrass my family?

Of course, once one comes out of the broom closet, or whatever closet one might be hiding in, your closest, most devoted family and friends already knew.  Even before I painted the door purple yesterday people I have never met kept stopping by my home.  They needed a spell for their daughter’s protection, a cure for Colitis, a tea for heartbreak.

Step out, dear ones, we are not living for other’s approval any longer.  Now is the time to show your light and your true self.  The world needs you.


6 thoughts on “Paint the Door Purple

  1. I loved this! A fellow purple door person here (and I have a dragon doorknocker as well) Completely agree. Wise women and witches need to let their sparkle show. ❤


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