Day Old Kittens (and a mother’s instinct)

  He is pressed against my bosom and holds onto life with tiny claws on my skin.  My maternal instincts rush over me and I hold onto hope that he will live. His sister, also two days old, is vigorous wanting constant droppers of formula and despite being deaf and blind, would like to traipse around … Continue reading Day Old Kittens (and a mother’s instinct)

From the Front Porch (life unveiled)

  The nest of tiny blackbirds awakes in raucous song as their mother comes along to feed them.  A baby robin hops through the grass cheered on and carefully watched over by her parents.  An infant dove perches asleep on a branch.  From my front porch the world is alive and green and new.  New … Continue reading From the Front Porch (life unveiled)


Joy, kicking up our heels in the grass, faces to the sun...Gratitude, being thankful for each thing we have and the many moments around us....Faith, knowing doors will open and close for us on our journey to help make our dreams come true...and Love, the very thing that makes life worth living. In our busy … Continue reading Love