Mabon, Harvest, and a recipe for Miniature Pumpkin Bundt Cakes

The ancient holidays and festivals emphasized hope, renewal, and gratitude.  Mabon is the second of the harvest festivals.  Today the day and night are equal and we prepare for the darkness and the introspection that comes with winter.  But now we light a bonfire and have a feast and celebrate with our village and our families the bountiful gardens that … Continue reading Mabon, Harvest, and a recipe for Miniature Pumpkin Bundt Cakes

Dining During the Depression

I am reading a beautiful book that my penpal, Holly, sent me.  Reading through the simple recipes from a time where creativity and positivity led to survival and the simplest of foods were treasured inspires and delights me.  The stories that are interspersed through the book are lovely memories that remained despite the harrowing times.  … Continue reading Dining During the Depression

Preserving Chilies and Herbs for Winter

The winds caught everything in its grasp in unusual tyrannical fits this last spring. It lifted trees and roofs in some places. At our house, some branches came down and the ristras decorating my porch went flying. Their seeds settled in the gardens and have been growing better than the ones I started myself from … Continue reading Preserving Chilies and Herbs for Winter

Wild Canning and Red Chili

  Sure, just going to the store and buying cheap cans of vegetables is easy but there is just something about canning that is so satisfying.  From choosing what you are going to preserve, to preparing it, to hearing that lovely lid popping sound, to opening up a jar in the winter to find yourself … Continue reading Wild Canning and Red Chili

Daring to Live (part 1-Become a Gourmet Chef)

I sometimes wonder if Emily Dickinson had the right idea.  Lock yourself away from the world in your house and write.  One can write about spiders without overthinking it.  What Miss Dickinson taught us is that intuitive, highly sensitive, intelligent women suffer from anxiety.  It's built in.  I have been overthinking everything since I was six years … Continue reading Daring to Live (part 1-Become a Gourmet Chef)

Nourished (Preparing Whole Grains)

I have really never felt so nourished.  The prolific garden is heady with earthen smells of recent rain and the corn is already knee high before fourth of July.  The cabbages burrow into themselves, creating crisp, rotund rounds.  Wild food grows prolific.  Birds of many types and squirrels prance through the garden spaces to eat.  … Continue reading Nourished (Preparing Whole Grains)

Mulberry Walnut Quick Bread (and the Mother’s generosity)

  She is rich with generosity.  I have never eaten so well.  On this large city lot food is everywhere.  Rich carpets of wild greens.  Nuts ripening.  Fruits forming.  Mother Earth pushes water and nutrients to my seeds and smiles as seedlings emerge and take shape with shocking speed.  Roses fill the spaces with vibrancy.  My … Continue reading Mulberry Walnut Quick Bread (and the Mother’s generosity)