Foraging for Goose Foot (cooking with wild foods)

You needn't search far for goose foot, also known as lamb's quarters.  You can see by the shape why it was referred to as goose foot.  You could also look for common mallow.  Or purslane (The highest source of Omega 3 available.)  And of course, dandelions. Oh my, the list does go on.  Mother Nature … Continue reading Foraging for Goose Foot (cooking with wild foods)

Of Simmering Beans and Days of Dreams

The kitchen wishes for a long rustic table of family and friends, arriving with kisses and laughter, and voices rising with the steam from the pot.  The snow is too high and treacherous today, so just an intimate dinner in our quiet abode for two.  The cats rest warmly on the sofa as a book can hardly … Continue reading Of Simmering Beans and Days of Dreams

March 20,2017-Spring and Wild Greens

Spring stretches her arms and yawns.  She wakes to see the sun shining in to greet her, hears chirping of the birds in the trees, the warming ground pulsating with life.  She gets up to throw open the shutters and wave good morning to the many spirits about.  The plants, the rocks, the trees, the … Continue reading March 20,2017-Spring and Wild Greens