Paint the Door Purple

Everything has a frequency, high or low, depending on one's own vibration.  Some stones will feel different in your hand.  A place or land may reverberate more to you.  A wild, bright Caribbean blue on a door will excite the mind more than a muddy grey.  All things in nature, including humans, have different frequencies. … Continue reading Paint the Door Purple

The Drumbeat of Joy

The drum beats are loud and rhythmic with joyous additions of bells and maracas.  People dance.  Others trade instruments.  I dance. I am not at a powwow.  I am under a bridge on the Riverwalk in a town I never imagined living in.  There are hundreds of like-minded people here, spiritual, happy, artistic, lovely people of … Continue reading The Drumbeat of Joy

Daring to Live-part 2 (time is now and becoming a yogi)

Well, you know me, ever trying to become a hermit in my little abode on the corner in the city behind high trees and corn stalks while dreaming of great adventures.  I ventured out to my first cooking class and it was indeed fun.  I talked a little, drank some wine, critiqued all the food to … Continue reading Daring to Live-part 2 (time is now and becoming a yogi)

The Little Cat that Could

Three weeks ago today I got a friend's message and headed to the feed mill armed with formula, bottles, and Pedialyte.  They were not even a day old.  Found in the basement of an ancient building, half frozen, their feral mother vanished.  I became the mama. Every two hours through the night I fed them … Continue reading The Little Cat that Could

The Messengers (The Great Eagle Dance)

Do you remember when I wrote to you about the dozens of black hawks (that still don't seem to exist according to bird books) that followed us up a hiking trail, swooped in front of our window, and circled our house en masse?  They all gathered up into a swarm and flew north in a dramatic … Continue reading The Messengers (The Great Eagle Dance)