Gardening By Lions (untangling identities)

Eleven animals euthanized, the paper reads.  Four years ago we nearly moved into a house in the same county owned by a couple that also owned an animal sanctuary.  Recently they had asked the county if they could move into that home with their eleven lions, tigers, bears, and wolves as there was prolific flooding … Continue reading Gardening By Lions (untangling identities)

April 19, 2017- Release

There is a universal shift happening.  You may have felt it or may have heard of it.  There is change coming.  You may have noticed it.  Many of people have lost their jobs.  Lost everything they owned.  Possessions being peeled away.  Lost various relationships.  Many people have passed on.  Everything we are holding onto with the firmness of … Continue reading April 19, 2017- Release

252 Photographs (capturing and living the moment now)

  "You will have to see the pictures of Maryjane that Dad took," I told Emily, "He took like two hundred!" I further exclaimed, thinking I was exaggerating. "Two hundred and fifty two," Doug corrected. I asked him why he took so many pictures.  He replied that it is easier to delete a photo than to … Continue reading 252 Photographs (capturing and living the moment now)

April 15-Life School (the loving scholar)

  This world, this lifetime, is our school.  We have a responsibility to learn as much as we can, in various subjects, to seek wisdom in all areas.  Take care not to sit idly in religious boxes and state that you are fulfilling your purpose by simply worshiping your God, for that makes people indifferent, … Continue reading April 15-Life School (the loving scholar)