Ode to the Town We Do Not Yet Know

We strolled along the lamp lit walk.  The water gently waltzed by.  Boats docked for the season.  Lovers walked hand in hand.  Families with children running around laughed and talked on their evening ventures.  Elders walked their dogs.  'Twas a fine autumn evening as we explored the city we do not know.  It reminded us of Venice with … Continue reading Ode to the Town We Do Not Yet Know


The porch swing rocks gently as the crickets serenade.  The last light showcases the magnificent Sandia mountain.  There is a very large gnarled tree looking on, its thick limbs crisscrossing in entanglements of a life that could tell of early settlers and farmers and Natives if only I could hear its murmurings over the cicadas.  Ristras … Continue reading Corrales

Visions of New Mexico

    The Bosque Del Apache is void of two leggeds save for us.  The world inside the preserve is wild and noisy while greeting the dawn.  A sleepy owl sits upon a dead tree, his silhouette picturesque against the rising sun. Here the plants are similar to ours in Colorado only bigger, more fruitful, with … Continue reading Visions of New Mexico

Socorro and Sunrise

The sunrise spreads over the adobe walls of the courtyard.  Huge bumble bees flit to and from sunflowers.  A rooster crows in the distance.  Hummingbirds dance in numbers, whizzing about.  The lavender reaches up and stretches after a cool desert night.  The stars were layered in their numbers.  The ink sky quiet. Dos Casitas Bed … Continue reading Socorro and Sunrise