The Grandma House — FARMGIRL SCHOOL

I have been inspired to begin writing on my long time blog Farmgirl School again.  Please check out our adventures there! My grandparents lived in their house for forty years. They have lived in their current one for twenty. My in-laws lived in theirs for thirty. I wonder what it would be like to settle … Continue reading The Grandma House — FARMGIRL SCHOOL

The Return of Farmgirl School — FARMGIRL SCHOOL

That’s right, Folks. From small town urban farm to prairie homestead to friend’s houses to apartment living while farm dreaming to….our own homestead. One that we own. As we approach the four year anniversary of Farmgirl School, how fitting to start it off with a bang. A new farm. An urban farm. Watch as we … Continue reading The Return of Farmgirl School — FARMGIRL SCHOOL