“Oh, They’re Like Amish.”

These late summer days have found a familiar rhythm that I once knew, only this time it is less rushed. My gardens in this climate are amazing and the height of the weeds is pretty astonishing too.  Once I could no longer find the corn stalks I donned my clippers and headed into the mess … Continue reading “Oh, They’re Like Amish.”

Wild Gardening and Dahlias

  I love it here.  There is nothing quite like one's own home.  We took our houses for granted before our seven years of renting, living with friends, and apartment living.  We are now home. I am less concerned about production and more about enjoyment in my wild garden.  I planted dahlias.  I have never had … Continue reading Wild Gardening and Dahlias

3 Things to Incorporate Into Your Garden

There are many pictures on the internet and in books of perfectly manicured gardens.  I wonder if they scare folks away from extensive gardening.  Gardening is one of the greatest pleasures.  Your seed packets come with a gym membership, a psychologist, a muse, and a guru.  Here are three things to remember or incorporate into your gardens. … Continue reading 3 Things to Incorporate Into Your Garden

A Letter to the Nemesis of the Spring Crops

Dear Flea Beetles, Well, I can't say I am happy to see y'all.  Is it really July already?  Goodness, where does the time go?  I know you are the cleanup crew.  One of the mean teachers in the school of hard knocks for gardeners.  But still. Remember that time I tried to kill you all … Continue reading A Letter to the Nemesis of the Spring Crops