Harvest, Beer, and the Original Witch’s Brew

It's 1842 and the settlers are walking around the plaza visiting and gathering goods .  Imagine an old farmer's market.  Woman in long skirts, babies on the hips, hold large baskets and chat with the other woman as children dash to and fro playing games.  Makeshift booths are set up offering eggs, chickens, furs, vegetables, spirits, and any other … Continue reading Harvest, Beer, and the Original Witch’s Brew

Dining During the Depression

I am reading a beautiful book that my penpal, Holly, sent me.  Reading through the simple recipes from a time where creativity and positivity led to survival and the simplest of foods were treasured inspires and delights me.  The stories that are interspersed through the book are lovely memories that remained despite the harrowing times.  … Continue reading Dining During the Depression

Preserving Chilies and Herbs for Winter

The winds caught everything in its grasp in unusual tyrannical fits this last spring. It lifted trees and roofs in some places. At our house, some branches came down and the ristras decorating my porch went flying. Their seeds settled in the gardens and have been growing better than the ones I started myself from … Continue reading Preserving Chilies and Herbs for Winter

The Drumbeat of Joy

The drum beats are loud and rhythmic with joyous additions of bells and maracas.  People dance.  Others trade instruments.  I dance. I am not at a powwow.  I am under a bridge on the Riverwalk in a town I never imagined living in.  There are hundreds of like-minded people here, spiritual, happy, artistic, lovely people of … Continue reading The Drumbeat of Joy