Day Old Kittens (and a mother’s instinct)

  He is pressed against my bosom and holds onto life with tiny claws on my skin.  My maternal instincts rush over me and I hold onto hope that he will live. His sister, also two days old, is vigorous wanting constant droppers of formula and despite being deaf and blind, would like to traipse around … Continue reading Day Old Kittens (and a mother’s instinct)

March 11, 2017-Teaching Empathy

  To allow a child to be raised around animals is a gift that will serve them their entire life.  A child who holds a baby animal in the palm of her hand learns gentleness.  She learns empathy.  She learns that we share this planet with many, many creatures.  That we are not superior, but are able … Continue reading March 11, 2017-Teaching Empathy

February 4, 2017- Spirit Animals

What is a spirit animal?  A spirit animal is a creature whose traits assist those in need, or who follow them their whole life. Each person will have one or a two...or three in my case, main spirit animals.  Those animals can be called on when one needs clarity, help, protection, or a particular trait. … Continue reading February 4, 2017- Spirit Animals

January 12, 2017- Full Wolf Moon and Life with Wolves

The Full Wolf Moon was named by the tribes and villagers in the cold stillness of January because the only sound during the full moon was the howling of wolves in the distance. I had three wolves when I was a young woman and they made an incredible impression on me.  My son, Andrew, was very small and … Continue reading January 12, 2017- Full Wolf Moon and Life with Wolves

Trusting Your Inner Voice

Reclaiming our body and spirit's ability to make strong and intuitive decisions can be second nature.  Animals know what to do, what to eat, where water is, when danger is approaching, what plants are medicinal and which they need at the moment.  We are animals.  Where did our senses go?  Have we quieted them to … Continue reading Trusting Your Inner Voice