January 20, 2017- By Water’s Edge

The water swishes back and forth methodically.  The ebb and flow, the inhale and exhale, the sound slowing my heartbeat and bringing me to present.  My feet slightly sinking in the damp sand and mud.  Footprints of geese surround me as the large birds take flight over me.  Their songs keeping the commune together.  The … Continue reading January 20, 2017- By Water’s Edge

January 7, 2017-Morning Flame

The rose colored candle burns brightly at dawn.  A calming connection and daily ceremony filled with the gratitude of waking up, another day here, the sun gently rising, the mountains cloaked in color, a new day awaits.  Gratitude streams from the heart, thank you for my family, warmth, good work, and health.  My granddaughter climbs … Continue reading January 7, 2017-Morning Flame

January 5, 2017-Capturing Enchantment

The sun peeks through the clouds as if it were the moon.  The mist is slightly light and frost colors the landscape in iridescent glow.  I pull the car over to the side of the road and jump out.  I am a child.  The things that enchanted me as a small girl I strive to seek today.  … Continue reading January 5, 2017-Capturing Enchantment

January 3, 2017-Under the Starry Skies

23 degrees.  The wind bites, ferocious and dark, yet Grandmother moon stands calm, serene, glowing in indigenous light.  I am cold but want to seek the beauty a little longer. "I'd like to go there," my granddaughter's tiny finger points to Venus.  The planet sits just to the side and below the moon.  The Christmas … Continue reading January 3, 2017-Under the Starry Skies