February 21, 2017- The Final Touches (manifesting part 6)

Whether it be a wish on a star, a goal written in a journal, a spell cast, or a prayer candle lit, it is all the same thing. Visualize dream Write it out, collect pictures, imagine it in your mind. Be precise.  The universe is rather detail orientated.  I read in a book that someone … Continue reading February 21, 2017- The Final Touches (manifesting part 6)

January 7, 2017-Morning Flame

The rose colored candle burns brightly at dawn.  A calming connection and daily ceremony filled with the gratitude of waking up, another day here, the sun gently rising, the mountains cloaked in color, a new day awaits.  Gratitude streams from the heart, thank you for my family, warmth, good work, and health.  My granddaughter climbs … Continue reading January 7, 2017-Morning Flame

January 5, 2017-Capturing Enchantment

The sun peeks through the clouds as if it were the moon.  The mist is slightly light and frost colors the landscape in iridescent glow.  I pull the car over to the side of the road and jump out.  I am a child.  The things that enchanted me as a small girl I strive to seek today.  … Continue reading January 5, 2017-Capturing Enchantment

January 3, 2017-Under the Starry Skies

23 degrees.  The wind bites, ferocious and dark, yet Grandmother moon stands calm, serene, glowing in indigenous light.  I am cold but want to seek the beauty a little longer. "I'd like to go there," my granddaughter's tiny finger points to Venus.  The planet sits just to the side and below the moon.  The Christmas … Continue reading January 3, 2017-Under the Starry Skies