Wild Gardening and Dahlias

  I love it here.  There is nothing quite like one's own home.  We took our houses for granted before our seven years of renting, living with friends, and apartment living.  We are now home. I am less concerned about production and more about enjoyment in my wild garden.  I planted dahlias.  I have never had … Continue reading Wild Gardening and Dahlias

The Little Cat that Could

Three weeks ago today I got a friend's message and headed to the feed mill armed with formula, bottles, and Pedialyte.  They were not even a day old.  Found in the basement of an ancient building, half frozen, their feral mother vanished.  I became the mama. Every two hours through the night I fed them … Continue reading The Little Cat that Could

The Colorful Home Makeover

  Home.  What you surround yourself with directly effects how you feel, how you work, how you dream.  I have a great love of decorating and an active imagination so I can see what rooms will look like with certain colors and textures and a simple rearrangement of furniture. When I first moved in to our lovely abode … Continue reading The Colorful Home Makeover

Day Old Kittens (and a mother’s instinct)

  He is pressed against my bosom and holds onto life with tiny claws on my skin.  My maternal instincts rush over me and I hold onto hope that he will live. His sister, also two days old, is vigorous wanting constant droppers of formula and despite being deaf and blind, would like to traipse around … Continue reading Day Old Kittens (and a mother’s instinct)

From the Front Porch (life unveiled)

  The nest of tiny blackbirds awakes in raucous song as their mother comes along to feed them.  A baby robin hops through the grass cheered on and carefully watched over by her parents.  An infant dove perches asleep on a branch.  From my front porch the world is alive and green and new.  New … Continue reading From the Front Porch (life unveiled)

The History of this Beloved Home (92 years of pumpkins and roses)

I wish I had been home when they came.  I was at work, but Doug was out front working in the yard.  Two precious elder women got out of their car and stood in front of our house. "I grew up here," one of them reminisced. I wrote on my other blog when we were first moving … Continue reading The History of this Beloved Home (92 years of pumpkins and roses)