From the Front Porch (life unveiled)

  The nest of tiny blackbirds awakes in raucous song as their mother comes along to feed them.  A baby robin hops through the grass cheered on and carefully watched over by her parents.  An infant dove perches asleep on a branch.  From my front porch the world is alive and green and new.  New … Continue reading From the Front Porch (life unveiled)

March 9, 2017-Sudden Inspiration

Have you ever had that feeling?  You are open to the expanse of network throughout the universe for an idea or a mission and then upon seeing something, or tasting something, or reading something, a myriad of perfect ideas come forth?  A book, or speech, or painting, or idea? As we drove through the sleepy … Continue reading March 9, 2017-Sudden Inspiration

February 20, 2017-Faith and Gratitude (manifesting part 5)

  So, how does this really work?  It can't possibly be that easy or everyone would be rich and famous, right?  There are three key elements to the recipe of manifestation. 1. You must have faith. You must believe it.  In the face of doubts and culture you must believe beyond a shadow of a … Continue reading February 20, 2017-Faith and Gratitude (manifesting part 5)