The Drumbeat of Joy

The drum beats are loud and rhythmic with joyous additions of bells and maracas.  People dance.  Others trade instruments.  I dance. I am not at a powwow.  I am under a bridge on the Riverwalk in a town I never imagined living in.  There are hundreds of like-minded people here, spiritual, happy, artistic, lovely people of … Continue reading The Drumbeat of Joy

April 5-Becoming Your Inner Medicine Person (the book and your advice)

I am always fascinated by the way ideas and art comes through a person from beyond.  This book I am writing is about becoming and maintaining the unfettered place of our inner sage.  That place where we approach everything with great love and compassion and are not derailed by fear or anger.  Where we can … Continue reading April 5-Becoming Your Inner Medicine Person (the book and your advice)

March 12, 2017-Protect Your Mind

I was the kid that had to sneak into, not just rated R movies, but PG-13 movies too!  (My mother always knew.  Some mysteries of the universe will never be figured out!)  I never understood why she was so adamant that I only watch Disney movies.  It was very important to her that we protect … Continue reading March 12, 2017-Protect Your Mind

March 2, 2017-Morning (rituals part 2)

The morning brings with it a fresh beginning.  The problems of the prior day have not caught up and the dawn rises steadily announcing that we live another day.  The birds sing and the air is still with whispers of what the day might bring. Starting the day with a positive outlook and renewed hope … Continue reading March 2, 2017-Morning (rituals part 2)